J2150U Blog #14- Flash!

Today, Kyle McConaghy gave a lecture about using lighting and how to change the effect a photo has. I thought it was very interesting and entertaining how he had the class on video and was showing us by using visual examples on how to change lighting in settings to get different effects. I never knew how to do any of that before! I really enjoyed lecture and thought it was very insightful especially since I want to improve my photography skills.

This summer, I am going to be doing a bit of photography work at my new internship. I’ve been selected by a Chicago fashion designer, Anna Hovet to be her PR and Marketing intern. I will be planning events and working on her publicity and helping her with events and getting her brand name out more. She asked during my interview if I have skills in web design and photography and being enrolled in this class, I said yes! I am thrilled to be accepted into this position and will definitely be using what I’ve learned this semester in class.

Although PR and Marketing is the emphasis I’ve chosen within strategic communication, I also want to gain more experience working at photography (I could surely stand to improve a lot!) and continue to write. I am going to be getting more experience next year as I continue to work for Her Campus Mizzou (online magazine on campus) and become the editor-in-chief campus correspondent next semester. I’m looking forward to working with the website and being able to design layouts and upload content. I think this will be very helpful to me in the future. I am also looking forward to delegating assignments and editing work.


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