Passover when it’s Passed Over- Mobile Assignment

The Jewish population in Columbia, Mo. isn’t vey large, but this is nothing new. This week is Passover in the Jewish religion. The majority of MU students went home for “Easter weekend” and were wishing everyone a Happy Easter, but there was little talk of a Happy Passover. The small Jewish population of students in Columbia did have an opportunity and still do to observe this holiday. The Jewish fraternity on campus, AEPI hosted a seder Friday evening where an orthodox rabbi came and led the service. Mizzou’s Hillel is also hosting Passover dinners with traditional Jewish food all week. Students who attend will be able to meet and mingle with other Jewish students and participate in leading the Jewish prayers for this holiday. MU student Taylor Werthauser said, “I came here from St. Paul, Minnesota which is frequently called St. Jewish, Minnesota due to the high population of Jewish residents. When I was a freshman last year I didn’t know what I would do, I thought I would starve and not be able to keep Passover but here at Hillel we have Passover friendly food stockpiled.” Werthauser was preparing matzah ball soup for tonight’s dinner at 7 p.m. She said Hillel has given her a sense of comfort and a family to belong to when away from home.





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