J2150U Blog #10

I found the lecture this week to be informative rather than inspiring. The best advice I think I’ll use and remember is:

-when creating  a video, never end on a soundbite because it appears lazy

-silence can sometimes be the best and most effective ambient sound there is

-stories should always have a beginning, middle, and end

-“how well do they write?” is what news rooms ask and want to find out

The first two statements I thought about when I finished making my video. I now want to edit it further and keep this in mind and continue to work on this piece for my portfolio. I also noticed in the movie The Hunger Games there was amazing ambient sound and the filming was done extremely well. You can even see it in this trailer: Maybe I noticed this because I am in a multimedia journalism class but maybe it was because there were only seats left in the very first row. A large portion of the movie was filmed in a forest and there was great ambient sound and I realized that there were never moments when it was too overpowering. Whoever was filming this clip knew when it was appropriate for the tone to include ambient sound and how loud to make it.

I never used to pick up on any of these details until this class! I even find myself during movies learning new techniques that I can try and apply to my own work.


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