J2150U Blog #8 The Best Is Yet To Come

Today in lecture Frank Corridori spoke about strat comm. He described the difference between the Mojo Ad class and the Adzou class. I’m more interested in the Mojo Ad class because the other one seems to be more researched based. He said that the Mojo Ad class really allows students to be creative and work with real clients. This semester, students are working with TGI Friday’s. That is something that would not only be fun but also very useful for a portfolio and gaining experience.

Corridori also described how important it is to make connections early. After this class today, I decided I want to join AAF Mizzou which is a club that many strat comm students participate in. I’m hoping to be the head campus correspondent for the magazine I am a part of, Her Campus Mizzou next year. I am currently the events editor and am working on planning a fashion show with Rent the Runway in New York to raise money for a sorority’s philanthropy. I know how important it is to have a wide variety of experience so even though my sequence isn’t magazine, it is still beneficial to have experience working as a team and writing content. I am also glad that I’m in this course because being able to use Final Cut Pro and make videos and knowing how to edit them makes me more marketable. I found the assignment that was due this week was the most challenging thus far. I have never really worked with Final Cut Pro before and have never needed to edit a video. It took me awhile to get the hang of the program, but I feel more comfortable using it and know that I would be able to pull something together for a client if necessary. I also want to practice more on my own this summer doing video for the social media firm I work for in Chicago.

I found Corridori’s presentation to be the most interesting today and hope to be a part of Mojo Ad. I am more interested in the copywriting portion because I am wanting to do PR and marketing. However, I still want to practice using InDesign because I think that will increase my knowledge about graphic design which is useful in this field.



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