J2150U Blog #7 Digitized Media

This week’s lecture was about how media gets digitized. Our guest speaker discussed HTML5, gamification and augmented reality. I learned that HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the Internet. It is the 5th development and is still undergoing changes. The goal of it is to improve language with support for the latest multimedia but still making it understandable for humans. Gamification is the use of game design techniques. Gamification basically makes technology more engaging and interesting. What I found to be the most interesting was augmented reality. It is a live, direct or indirect view of a physical and real world environment where elements are computer generated. Here are several awesome examples of augmented reality.

As shown in this example, augmented reality has the ability to take things to a whole new level and will allow people to gather information in a new and different way at a crazy speed. Before this lecture, I hadn’t really heard of it but now I am very interested to see how it progresses and becomes more popular and well known in the future especially with my generation.

Another topic that was discussed in lecture was LinkedIn. I have one because I was required to make one this summer for my internship at a social media firm. Many students in lecture weren’t sure what it was and I was a bit surprised especially because many students are looking for internships and jobs and I feel that it is a great and very useful tool. I helped my mother create one this year to help her real estate business.

I am fascinated by how the Internet is becoming so complex and as well as all of the technology that goes along with it. Just by having a profile online, people are able to make connections and get jobs. Being knowledgeable about the Internet and being technologically savvy has really put people ahead of each other for jobs. In lecture, the speaker said that if anyone is able to wire frame what a website should look like, you’ll have a leg up in an interview. It is these little skills that really separate people from each other in the business world. I know that learning new skills and being able to learn them quickly is what really sets people apart from each other. Being able to use things like Elements, Audacity, Soundslides, and more will help expand my capabilities and hopefully make me more well rounded. I am looking forward to seeing what other programs and tools we will use in this course in addition to other courses I’ll be taking. I certainly am going to take advantage of what I have available to learn in the next 2 years.


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