J2150U Blog #5-Audio Slideshows

This week in lecture, audio slideshows were discussed. There are endless amounts of possibilities one can create for a slideshow which is why I like them. They allow a journalist to show their creativity by combining their photographs and audio clips they edited. I believe that by adding audio to a slideshow of  photos, it can give them a stronger meaning and make a deeper impression on the audience.

Until this course, I never really considered using an audio slideshow to tell a story. The first thing I would think of would be to just film different clips and piece them together, but now I like the idea of using pictures with audio. This allows the audience to still formulate their own interpretations of what they think is going on in the scene but a journalist has the ability to direct their attention in a certain way.

I was surfing the web after class trying to find more audio slideshows to watch to come up with more ideas for my own and came across this audio slideshow

The content of this audio slideshow is very sad but powerful. I thought the way in which the journalist had the pictures was very interesting. Some pictures stayed on the screen longer than others which I thought helped show the feeling behind them. I had never really seen any photos in which the face of the old man was blurry, but his bowtie was in focus. I have no idea how to do that, but I would be interested in learning! I liked the small details in this clip. I thought the white border around the photos made this piece look clean cut. I would have liked to hear some ambient sound, but I liked how this piece was narrated by the old man who it was about.

The photographer incorporated a lot of pictures that helped the audience see the old man’s past and present which I thought was important in understanding the content of this piece. I really enjoyed a lot of these photos and thought the quality of them was excellent. I also thought the way the audio slideshow was pieced together is an example of excellent journalism.


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