J2150U Blog #4-The Decisive Moment

“But if it is possible to make pictures of the ‘core’ as well as the sparks, this is a picture story.”

This was one of the quotes that was used in the powerpoint during lecture this week. This one really stuck out to me because I completely agree with it. I think this quote is critical for a photojournalist. As mentioned in lecture by the guest speaker, a photojournalist has a job to tell a story from a picture. I personally believe that all stories should have a story because otherwise, how will one capture the audience’s attention? Maybe I’m a bit biased being a journalist and all, but I believe even regular photographers (who aren’t photojournalists) should make it a goal and priority to tell a story behind a photo.

Another quote that stuck out to me during this lecture about photography was from Henri Cartier-Bresson :

the decisive moment, it is the
simultaneous recognition, in a fraction
of a second, of the significance of an
event as well as the precise organization
of forms which gives that event
its proper expression.”

This is something I’m going to definitely keep in mind in upcoming assignments. I was thinking about how I can apply this to the project we’re working on. Since I’m doing my project about MU’s fencing team, I can really apply this when I’m photographing snapshots of the members during tournaments and practices. I really want to capture their emotions in my photographs because I quickly learned that a lot of passion and confidence goes into this sport. There is a great focus and dedication among the students and I want to make sure I’m able to portray this information through my photos and tell their stories.

After doing more research to learn more about how I can capture “the decisive moment” in my own photos, I stumbled across this website.

I scrolled through these examples and some of them really stuck out to me. I bookmarked this website so I can refer to it in the future when I need some inspiration. I hope that my photos some day will be able to capture such strong emotions like these examples.


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