J2150U Blog #3

In this lecture this week, Professor Simons gave a presentation about how to create and manage a successful blog. She explained some really helpful tools and techniques that I think I will be able to apply to mine and that will help me improve my blogging skills.

Before this class, I never had a blog because I didn’t have to. This summer when I interned at a social media firm, they wanted me to blog for some of our clients but I wasn’t really sure how to and didn’t. I always wished I was able to because I know it’s a skill I will need for my emphasis area, strategic communication.

I now feel a lot more comfortable and know how to run a personal blog as well as how to manage a more professional one for a client. I already e-mailed my boss and explained to him that I’ll be able to blog a lot this summer and he was very pleased!

I think blogging is a growing form of communication that more and more students should learn how to do. It may sound cliche, but I really think the Lynda quiz we had to do was actually helpful and taught me some quick and easy pointers I can use to improve my blog.

I now feel confident applying for an internship with Akira which is somewhere I’d love to work when I graduate. Akira is a fashion line that is based in New York and Chicago. I really want to do PR work for them and think it would be amazing to help plan events. I know that right now they’re looking to hire interns who are able to write, do social media work, event plan and write for their national blog: http://blog.shopakira.com/

This is the kind of blog I’d be interested in writing for because it is about something I’m passionate about, fashion; and it would be promoting clients.

I really do feel more confident in my blogging skills after this course and know they will only continue to get better the more I blog and get practice. I thought Professor Simons’ presentation was resourceful as well as interesting. She used language that was easy to understand and examples that were relatable.


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  1. Kyle M

    Great post! Your blog is off to a very good start! Looking forward to your fencing story.

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