J2150U Blog #2

Today in class we watched A Thousand More: Mediastorm. As professor Rice explained, this was an excellent example of what makes good visual storytelling, which was today’s lecture topic. The way Philly’s story was told really allowed me to see multiple sides of the situation and his story. The creator of the video made sure multiple perspectives were provided for the audience. Philly’s parent’s were included in the video which really allowed me to think about his life through their eyes.

Other than providing a well rounded story, the situation made it a touching one. Philly is very young and to hear about his degenerative disease, SMA was extremely sad. The creator of the video showed Philly’s positive outlook on life and silly personality. I felt empathy for his parents from the interview portion the creator provided in the video clip.

The way the video was composed also really interested me. I thought the way the pictures were taken in addition to video clips of Philly doing every day activities was very unique. I also liked how there were video clips of him progressing from a young kid to his current age of 9 years old. The photography was wonderful, I could really notice the rule of thirds that we discussed in lab yesterday. The music the author included also fit perfectly and made transitions flow smoothly.

I also heard about another touching visual story that was posted on The Missourian website: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2012/01/24/from-wife-to-widow-living-without-arch/

This story is about a woman who lost her husband, Arch to a different degenerative disease. This video, like the one I watched in lecture today showed snapshots of her life through photographs as well as video clips. I thought the framing was very interesting as well as her story about her life with her husband and how she is coping with his death.

I am excited to work on a video project and these clips gave me some really great ideas on how to make mine a good visual. I’m looking forward to learning different techniques and enhancing my knowledge about how to create a good visual for storytelling myself. I also found the powerpoint professor Rice presented to be very useful because now have a structured list on components that will make my work well done.


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